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Mod Post/ FAQ

Yo, everyone. Hope you're enjoying the comics so far! :D This will actually be the first real mod post of the community-- I hope to address some of the questions you may have, but, as always, if I haven't covered something and you have a question, feel free to ask in the comments.

First, I want to thank nutmeg4077 for her excellent work in making this great layout. I didn't give her a whole lot to work with, and she came up with something quite good anyway. Thanks a bunch, Megs!!

FAQ (Updated Feb 26 2006)

What is this community?

It's a community to showcase an ongoing House M.D. fan-comic of mine, tentatively titled "Crispy PPTH".

Crispy PPTH? What does THAT mean?!

Crispy Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Yeah, but... Where did the "crispy" come from?

Honestly, I don't know. It just seemed like a good adjective. There's some backstory (I once almost drew a comic with the word "Crisp" in the title), but it's incredibly dull.

What is this comic about?

The comic doesn't really have any sort of plot, other than a comedic take on the characters and situations of House. It doesn't take place in any particular period in the series, though, presumably, this is post-Vogler arc, post Steve McQueen the rat's appearance, pre-Stacy and House's, er, "reunion" (You know, the sex), and pre-Any sort of romantic relationship between a newly divorced Wilson and House. (Just covering all my bases. Yes, I'm one of those people ;D)

And, at the time of this writing, Wilson's wife Julie has NOT appeared on the show, so the version of Julie seen in this comic is just my idea of what James Wilson's third wife MIGHT look like. I'm sure when/if she shows up, I'll be totally embarrassed at how off I was.

How did you get the idea for the comics?

It came to me in a dream. A strange dream, about Foreman blowing himself up while trying to cook some potatoes for a sworn vegetarian Chase. The idea was just too weird not to draw, and after a few people saw it and liked it, they asked me to do more. And, I did. As for how I get the ideas for each individual comic, usually I just go into the kitchen, and something occurs to me. No, really. The kitchen. Try it sometime!

How often do you do new comics?

Whenever I remember/think to. No, honestly. I THOUGHT about doing them every Tuesday/Friday (New House airs on Tuesday, repeat House airs on cable on Friday), but really, it's random.

What do you use to draw the comics?

A pencil and paper.

Oh yeah? Why don't you draw/touch up the comics with Photoshop/PSP/MSPaint/GIMP/A big computerized rock like the other webcomics do?!

I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I'm not going to get into a whole thing about how drawing comics on the PC is rather impersonal, and I'd rather do it with my own hand, be able to touch the paper and all kinds of other pretentious arteest-isms. Instead I'll say that I have technical problems with my PC that would make doing them on Photoshop sort of... tricky.

Hey, your comics are sloppy! Look at the panels! They aren't even! None of the lines are straight!

Yes, I'm aware that my comic panels look as though they were drawn by a fish with a pencil in his mouth, riding in a truck going along a bumpy dirt road while trying to dial a telephone at the same time. I realize they don't line up, and they aren't perfectly square. The early comics are a dreadful mess, and I apologize for that. I think of them sort of as rough sketches, mainly there for character development. Yeah... that's it...

Hey, I can't read your writing! It's blurry/sloppy!

I am sorry about that. My cartooning process happens rather quickly, and in an effort to keep up with my racing mind, I sometimes tend to scribble. In the later comics (Anything after "The Last Action Hero"), I'm really watching my writing to make sure it's legible. However, IF enough people find that they can't read the comics (so far, it hasn't been a problem), I probably will end up replacing my written words with type. After all, there's not much point in writing comics if no one can read them!

Hey! Cameron and Chase look exactly the same in some panels!

Hmm... big eyes... gorgeous, silky, wavy blonde hair... delicate facial features... no, I don't see the similarities at all. ;) If you're ever confused, though, just remember: Cameron=long hair and breasts. Chase=long hair and no breasts. And his hair isn't as long.

Hey! That would never happen on the show!

No, it probably wouldn't. This comic is a comedy, bordering on parody in many respects. I try to stay true to the personalities of the characters, but as far as the situations go, all bets are off!

Hey! You're ripping on (character)! Repent!

Yes, I admit I was blatantly making fun of Cameron throughout much of Chase's Totally Mod Existence, and I'm sorry. Not sorry, necessarily, to the Cameron fans for ripping on Cameron, but sorry for resorting to insulting a character unnecessarily, just for a laugh. I think of House as an ensemble show, and therefore, I want my comic to be an ensemble comic, meaning EVERYONE participates equally, everyone has something to contribute. (Even if that something IS waddling around with -enormous- breasts.)

What the hell is up with Chase being a bunny?! He's not a bunny!

Sure he is! The big, floppy ears, the large, watery brown eyes, the twitchy nose, the big brown spot on his... back...

Wait, maybe you're right, and I'm not thinking of Chase. Maybe I'm thinking of, like, a bunny. And not Chase. Oh, well, what's done is done. (The truth is, I got the idea after a line of Cuddy's, where she accused House of trying to make "Chase wet himself". That made me think of a puppy, and from Chase the puppy, it was just a short leap to Chase the bunny.)

Where's Stacy?

At home, with her husband, where she belongs. She may make an appearance in the comics at some point, but it's not certain.

Is this community JUST for your comics, or can other people post their comics, too?

I haven't really decided yet. I don't really see a lot of other people making comics, but if anyone did, and for some reason, they wanted to post it here, I wouldn't necessarily be against that, though I would recommend posting it to their personal journal/deviantart/a house art community first.

Can I make icons out of your comics?

You can, I guess, if you really want! The only thing is that you MUST credit me, and you MUST mention crispy_ppth in your icon comment. MUST! And with those requirements, you'll barely have enough room left to type a description. Whoops. (Also, if you do make icons, I'd like to see them!)

Hey! I have a great idea for a comic!!!!

Well, you rock! Let me know, and if I like it, then I may use it and, like, totally credit you for your brilliance.

Hey! This comic looks just like (other comic)! You're a PHONY!

I don't really read webcomics, so any accusations of my ripping off another webcomic artist will be disregarded. The only "inspiration" I use for the comics is House itself... and... well, I do watch a lot of Family Guy...

Hey! This comic is a rip-off of lilhouse/another House fancomic! I'm TELLING!

No, no it isn't. Read mine, then read lilhouse. Not many similarities, aside from the fact that they're both humorous comic takes on House. As for the other fancomics, er... no. Still not a ripoff, I swear.

Are House and Wilson a couple in this comic?!

Well... not really... let's just say, they're very close friends. I don't want to say OMG YES it's a House/Wilson comic HOUSON 4-EVER, but they're very close, they're very friendly with each other, they're pretty much inseparable, and the looks they give each other could melt the refrigerator.

...You know, kind of like on the show.

How about House/Cameron?

Nah, probably not. No offense, but... I just don't dig it.

Are there going to be any pairings in this comic?

Absolutely. Keep your eyes peeled for comic #459, when Cuddy will meet a lampshade she'll NEVER forget.

...Seriously, I have no idea. Maybe, maybe not.

Hope this answered a lot of questions you might have! If it didn't, like I said before, just comment and I'll hopefully clear that lil' query o' yours right on up.
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