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Crispy PPTH!

A House M.D. Fancomic

Crispy PPTH
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Crispy PPTH
A House M.D. Fan Comic

Welcome to crispy_ppth, a fan comic based on FOX's hit show, House M.D..

Nothing much to say about this community. Enjoy the comics, have fun, be polite, don't steal my art, and let me know if you have any problems/questions/comments. And don't steal my art. Or anyone else's art, for that matter. Stealing is wrong, and sad.

Got a question? Check the FAQ!

Wanna link to the crispy_ppth? Well, come back later, I'll have some banners for ya. I think.


Dr. Gregory House

House, head of diagnostic medicine and king of the jerks. Always quick with a painful jab and a helping hand (or at least, one finger of a hand), he's a brilliant doctor and a complete ass.

Dr. Lisa Cuddy

Cuddy. A capable doctor and a lightning-quick pencil-pusher. Quick witted. Low necklines, high hemlines, and a slamming door in your face.

Dr. Eric Foreman

Foreman. A confident man. Maybe a bit too confident. He's by the books, but he knows the way of the streets. He's clean-cut, but not afraid to get a little dirty. But, just a little. He just got those pants back from the cleaners. And use a coaster, for crying out loud!

Dr. James Wilson

Wilson. A loyal, yet incredulous friend. A caring, though cynical doctor. A jaded, distant husband. A boyish, youthful but still seasoned presence. And he's tall, too.

Dr. Allison Cameron

Cameron. More wide-eyed optimism than should be allowed. More righteously indignant rage and tears than many can comprehend. She's not out to save the world, but at the same time, she's not really sure just what she IS out to do.

Dr. Robert Chase

Chase. Cockiness without the ability to back it up. Competence when you least expect it. Incompetence other times. Handsome, charismatic, rich. Blonde. Surfer style with an Australian accent. Form an opinion now, he'll have something snide to say about it tomorrow.

(Thanks to lisandrayajuujo for the great coloring job!)